Thursday, September 22, 2011

My Gmail was hacked, I'm very sorry for the SPAM

Dear friends and colleagues,

My Gmail seems to have been hacked and many, if not all, of you spammed. I am sorry and hope that it does NOT happen again.


Jim Garrity

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Jack 8mo

Jack 8mo

Friday, February 12, 2010

Hello world, Hello YouTube!

Take a look at my YouTube Channel!!! This'll be a good way to keep up with me... I'm 4 months old now, eating rice cereal, rolling a little bit, making a lot of noise.... Check me out!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Jack is 6 weeks old!

This is a picture of Jack and the Dad!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Jack Roddey Garrity is Here!!!!!!!!!!!!

See Photos of our baby boy!

Jack Roddey Garrity
October 2, 2009
11:23 pm
8lbs 5oz
21 1/4 inches

He's awesome!
God is amazing!

Thanks for following, pardon the delay.

Jimmy and Meg and Jack

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

No Baby No Baby....yet - "Are you at Def Con 6 or just chilling out?"

Matt Robins asks 3 days ago now "Are you at Def Con 6 or just chilling out?", my response, well don't know what do with ourselves. Though we really have been enjoying the time together, me and my playmate Megan. We were discussing at dinner that in 18-20something years, when the last of X amount of kids is leaving that for college that they'll be all worried, and wondering what Mom and Dad are gonna do now that they are gone...I looked across at Meg and said "shoot, Megan and I know how to have fun! In fact the 4 years before you were born we had such fun playing together!, so don't go feeling sorry for us.".... of course I'm sure this next phase will be a blast in its own right, but man we've had a good time.

So alas, Obama has issued an Orange Alert baby warning and he is "calling for" a potential increase to Baby Red Alert here in Salisbury. But until then "No baby, No baby" has been the way i've started every conversation and likely will until....

Cheers, JRG

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Baby not here yet...will he wait for my midterm? hmmm

So, our little baby is not here yet, well he's mostly here, just chilling out in the most comfortable place on utero...we are due Friday the 25th, but with the doc saying that she was looking early (which we actually believed) we have found ourselves with a little bit of extra time on our hands. Sort of. I have a midterm this wednesday for the MBA and another on monday, so it is a semi-hilarious position to be in...what do you tell the profs? The conversations have included a good amount of shrugging as I explain that the baby might come any time, including during their class, and perhaps during their midterm. We've made contingency plans, but they all come with a wierd "maybe" clause attached. So the wierdest tentativeness of my life has led to 3 different contingencies that are all quite gray. So my study approach now, then shrug and see what happens. My two profs have been delightfully accomodating though, and for that I am blessed.

So that is what is in my brain. Also I've heard often people saying that I seem calm, in the face of a major life change. Sure...major life change. But really, God is good and God is sovreign, what is anxiety in the face of change going to earn me?

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Quote of the Day: "Wow, look at this, just 3 more pages left..."

Megan says, as she makes some of the final entries in her "Belly Book", the book she has kept, documenting the pregnancy. Well, that's about how we feel, certainly "anticipatory" (the word I recently coined on the phone, while talking with Anne Eshelman) she in good form, offered an alternative word..."expectant"... ah yes... expectant. So here we sit in the advent of a major life change, not sure what to think, just certain that if the rumor holds, it'll be wonderful.

The recent changes here, are that the kid ("the baby" as Mom Voss prefers us to say) is still kicking and hiccuping like crazy. Megan is increasingly tired, but because she is Megan, her nesting was ferocious and early and our house is beautifully set up...we even have our carseat, so we'll not only be able to bring the kid into the world, but we'll be able to bring him home. Speaking of the carseat, at a baby shower several of Mom Voss' friends got us a beautiful Travel System stroller...we were stoked, a Jogger Crossover with inflatable tires, that had the babycarrier that clicked in and served as a carseat also. When we returned to Salisbury, we thought we ought to make sure it would work with our lifestyle before opening it, and we have friends with the same one, so we went to their home with Meg's 1994 Honda Accord, and folded up the stroller to have her try to put it in the trunk (weight was the concern). Well, glad we checked, the stroller didn't fit through the opening of the trunk, no possible way to get it in back to Babysrus. More research and we found a simlar one, 3 wheels, really cool, but smaller lighter and more maneuverable....and able to fit in our trunk, we are quite pleased.

In other good news, we now have our Crib....not any crib, but the same crib that Charles Otis Voss (Meg's Grandad) slept in when he was an infant...he's in his nineties...also sleeping there her dad and sibs, Megan and sisters...and now little Blankity Blank Garrity. It is cast iron and so classy, especially invogue as some of the older styles are SO back in. It was painted white generations ago, and Mom and Dad Voss got it Powder Coated and painted again, so it is like a new white is beautiful...see! (pic coming)

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

August 10th Photos of Kicker Garrity - All Growed Up!

We finally got to see Kicker and boy is he going to be a chunker!
In true Garrity form, Kicker is taking after his dad with a noggin' that is measuring 35 weeks and 1 day while the rest of him is measuring 33 weeks and 1 day. This, coupled with the fact that he is weighing in at 5lbs 4oz and is projected to be at least 8lbs when he is born, makes Megan a little apprehensive about delivery. But either way, we are very thankful to God that he is healthy and everything is in working order.
Jimmy got to enjoy the ultrasound show from a leather couch and watched the whole thing on a huge flat screen T.V. We laughed when the technician showed us the "family jewels." As much as we tried to move Kicker around so that we could get a full face 3-D image, he was "out for the count." His hands were smooshing the right side of his face and he was sleeping very soundly. The technician said that Megan must have worn him out at the gym that morning.
Kicker seems to be growing a whole head of hair (which makes sense if you follow the Old Wives' Tale, because Megan has consumed 450 tums in the last 7 weeks of pregnancy due to indigestion and acid reflux!) and is having no problem plumping up. You can see his chubby little cheeks below! You cannot see his hair by the way, even though it looks like he is wearing a toupee, that is his head touching the top of the placenta and we were unable to get a full head shot.

Monday, August 10, 2009